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Build your profile specifically to suit your commercial requirements and tailor your settings to the needs of your winery, wholesale, retail or hospitality business. add wines to your cellar or watch them populate as purchased through VINDAQ.

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Find Your Next Bottle
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Connect Stripe

As a licensed commercial user you can connect a Stripe account to begin listing wine in the public search catalogue and receive direct payment for B2B and B2C orders.

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Spreading the word about VINDAQ improves the ease in which wine information is transferred between sellers and buyers, simplifying the global marketplace.

Find Your Next Bottle
A Safe, Legal Way to Buy and Sell Wine


The ordering system allows both parties to negotiate the details (Availability, Discounts, Pickup or Delivery) of an order before payment, allowing for a more personal and precise shopping experience.

Private Transactions

Unfortunately we do not allow private users to connect a Stripe account at this time due to liquor laws surrounding C2C private transactions. We do however allow you to share the contents of your cellar where a licensed buyer may be interested in purchasing your wine.

A Safe, Legal Way to Buy and Sell Wine

Note: VINDAQ can only monitor trading within the private partner platform. Users are responsible for any payment or product disputes resulting from transactions completed partly or in full beyond the private partner platform. Terms and conditions.